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[IP] 32nd Anniversary and what I am grateful for

I just recently passed my 32nd Anniversary of diagnosis and thought I would 
write a note to all who have listened to me this past six months or so since 
I have joined the list.  True if I had my druthers and if I had a choice, ( 
at the ripe old age of 8), I would not have picked diabetes.  But in light of 
trying my best to live with this disease, I have come to the realization that 
who I am has so much to do with diabetes.  I am now reading a book called 
"sweet invisible body Reflections on a Live with Diabetes" by Lisa Roney.  I 
feel that I now can tell my six siblings what they could read to understand 
how I am, how I feel, and how I react to what has happened around me.  I do 
not totally relate to everything she says but so much is just like me.

I am grateful for:

1. All of you--I joined the list just after finding out that I was spilling 
protein in my urine.  I received some wonderful calming responses to my fear 
of taking an ACE inhibitor.  I can now report that by dropping my Hemoglobin 
A1c from 8.9 to 7.4 and to taking Vasotec, my numbers are now normal.  Normal 
0-30, June 86.9, November 26.1.

2. My two boys--An angel watched over me during these two pregnancies and 
delivered me two straight A students.  I only hope to have the divine 
guidance and perseverance to see them raised to caring young men.  I do feel 
that I am well on my way.  A family we know has a seven year old Downs child 
who recently underwent a Bone marrow transplant for Leukemia.  She is doing 
fine, but day by day that battle could be lost.

3. A wonderful husband--He has helped me more than one would ever know.  He 
even stuck around through two extremely horrible cases of post pardum 
depression. (My reaction to very stressful pregnancies).

4. A wonderful group of doctors, RN's, RD's and other medical staff.  They 
have never given up on me.

5. My dear mother who died this August and God who allowed her to live those 
three months to tidy up her affairs.  I have a different understanding of the 
human spirit than I had last May.  Her attention to me in 1967 allowed me to 
be diagnosed with a blood sugar under 200.  Her protective nature did instill 
in me the basics of  taking care of myself.  So many times I was non 
compliant but I believe not to a totally outrageous extent.  I had the 
ability to tell Mom that although I did not agree with some of the decisions 
that she had made about me and my disease, I had come to the realization that 
I did respect her decisions.  As a parent making decisions about a child, I 
now knew that she only had the best in her heart at the time.

6. The research and technological advances over the last 20 years.  Home 
glucose blood testing, Humalog, and Pump therapy are the most well known to 
most of us.  I thank God for whoever put together that ACE inhibitors help 
early stage renal disease.

7. So many of my friends who also have helped me "grow" this year.  The death 
of my mother, facing a personal health crisis, and having my youngest 
diagnosed with ADHD have all been difficult.  I am lucky I was emotionally 
and physically able to handle these items.

Here's looking forward to the new Millennium and to the future.  In June on 
my 40th birthday instead of being depressed, I rejoiced that I had made it.  
Although I really do not celebrate my diagnosis date, I do reflect at the 
changes and advances that have been made.  I also try to reflect on what I 
have rather than what I do not have.

Take care to all,

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