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Re: [IP] pregnancy-to Daniela


My insulin requirements in those 8 1/2 months went up 3 to 4 times higher 
than pre pregnancy.  Both boys were healthy although born by c-sections at 38 

Both came home with me in three days (each spent about 6 hours in a neonatal 
unit because of their low blood sugar) I was able to nurse both of them.  The 
first till he quit me at 9 months.  The second when I quit him at 22 months.  
The second was a projectile vomiter that I swear if he would have been normal 
twins I could have done that too!

The only complication that came up was both times I developed carpal tunnel 
numbness of both hands.  The slight swelling I had over my whole body caused 
it and It initially went away about six weeks after each delivery. 
Approximately 4 years after my youngest was born, it returned to stay.  After 
messing around with it for about a year I had them both repaired 
approximately three months apart.

Having diabetes for in excess of 20 years at the time of conceiving the 
first, I had and still have background retinapathy.  It remained stable and 
still to this day remains stable.  I see the retina consultants at Barnes 
Hospital every six months and have done so for years.  During the 
pregnancies, I saw them every six weeks.

My kids are perfectly normal and would drive any one crazy with their 
Pokemon, Star Wars, and Brittney Spears junk.

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