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Re: [IP] Regular vs Humalog

> I opted for the
> humalog because I feel with regular we still have the 30 minute wait and
> we're still having to feed the insulin with regular snacks

well sue,
unless anthony has any kind of allergy or site problems with the humalog,
that I would go that route also.

one of the benefits of the pump is flexibility and not having to eat snacks
or meals for that matter.  with regular, you may as well be on shots.

geneva, age 10 1/2,   does a mix of humalog and a tiny bit of buffered reg.
(velosolin)...as do a few others on this list.  it helps keep her site a day
longer than plain humalog.  she was having high numbers on her second day.

I hope that you have great success with humalog.  it certainly will allow
anthony to watch his caloric intake with no worries of going low...(feeding
the insulin story. )

I don't think geneva could go back to regular ever again.  she only did it
while under a pediatrician's care when first dx'd.  as soon as we changed to
an endo a few months later...we were using humalog.  the half hour wait was
not fun.  she ended up eating right away anyway!


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