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[IP] Regular vs Humalog

My son Anthony, 11, will be starting on the Minimed pump sometime over the 
next two weeks (will hear from the CDE tomorrow).  Our ped endo gave us the 
option of using either buffered regular or humalog.  Her reasoning with the 
regular is that he would not have to bolus as often as using the humalog, 
and that sometimes kids forget to bolus before eating.  I opted for the 
humalog because I feel with regular we still have the 30 minute wait and 
we're still having to feed the insulin with regular snacks which we're 
hoping to try and eventually eliminate or at least cut down to a 
minimum.  Anthony is one of those children who gains weight very easily on 
insulin.  We really want the flexibility that the humalog will bring, and 
put a little normalcy back into our lives again.

Does anyone have any experience on using regular vs humalog?  Would love to 
have some insight into this option our endo has given us.  I'm sure we will 
have loads of questions over the coming weeks.

Luckily for us our ped endo is very pro-pump.  She was the endo to three of 
the Pump Girls before leaving Children's Hospital of Orange Co., then being 
snagged by our HMO.

mother of Anthony, age 11, dx 9-22-95

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