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[IP] Treating Lows/ juice etc.

>    Now, having copied all of that, let me close with 2 comments:
> #1...as is ALWAYS noted on the Insulin Pumpers web group, YMMV (your
> may vary)...despite this info. coming from my daughter's CDE, we STILL
> junior juices ( 4 oz) work best for her..she can carry them in the car, in
> her bookbag, in her purse, wherever.


geneva always used the little juice boxes  while on MDI.

now that she doesn't 'crash' anymore...(significant problem with shots)...we
are using life savers.

small,  individually wrapped and one lifesaver brings her 85 lb. body up
about 16-20 points, as your CDE mentioned.  usually when geneva gets to
about 100/95 BG,  she feels a need to treat.  (this is if it is not pre
meal)    she will test 5 min. later to see if she is still coming down and
will then eat 1 or 2  life savers.

we don't like the juice boxes because they always got crushed, or the straw
came loose.
as far as fructose converting to glucose...that may be true, but with the
pump,  we don't have to worry so much about her coming down really quickly.
(we are not talking about exercise here...just regular activities).  so the
life savers seem to do the trick.

when geneva is swimming...she carries a tupperware container of gatorade
with her.

thanks for the info from your CDE...it seems to make sense re: individual

happy holidays,


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