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[IP] Treating Lows

Greetings all:
     I'm cutting & pasting something I just posted at the Islet Foundation 
message board <A HREF="http://www.islet.org/forum/wwwboard.htm">The Islet 
Foundation Public Message Forum</A> in response to a query about 
hypoglycemia. Can't stress enough that YMMV ( also known as no 2 snowflakes 
are alike...), so I offer this info NOT as "gospel", but as a plausible 
explanation for why some of you DON'T necessarily react the way other members 
of this group may....
   Our 17 yr old daughter has used the little juice boxes for treating lows 
for years, as have many, many other families that I've asked. However, 
Melissa's CDE runs a pump support group & publishes a quarterly newsletter 
that I was just reading. One of the main articles was "Treating Lows: One 
Size Does NOT fit all"....I'm typing in the "gist" of it here...
    Remember the old "rule" of 15? If your bg is low, take 15g carbs in the 
form of juice or whatever,wait 15 minutes & everything will be fine/ WRONG! 
The proper treatment for low bg varies depending on a # of factors:
    a. body size...the bigger you are, the more carbs needed to raise 
bgs....if you weigh less than 75 lbs, 1 g carb will raise your bg 5 points/ 
between 75-150 lbs, it will raise you 4 pts/ between 150-255 lbs, it will 
raise you only 3 pts and if you weigh over 250 lbs, it will only raise you 2 
    b. blood sugar level.....the lower you are, the more carbs needed..For 
example, if you weigh between 75-150 lbs, to raise your bg to 120, you'd need 
15 gm carbs IF your starting bg is 56-70. BUT if it's only 40-55, you'd need 
20 gm carb and if you're less than 40, you'd need 25 gms carb!
   c. glycemic index - the type of food used DOES matter...best is simple 
carbs, not combined with fat or protein ...Best choices that have a HIGH 
glycemic index include: glucose tabs, honey, candy corn, raisins, regular 
soda, white bread,potato....Even fruit juice isn't the best choice since the 
fructose must be converted to glucose....
Foods to avoid for treating lows because they have a LOW glycemic index 
include apples, milk, ice cream & chocolate! 
A complete glycemic listing can be found at www.diabetesnet.com/gi.html
   Now, having copied all of that, let me close with 2 comments:
#1...as is ALWAYS noted on the Insulin Pumpers web group, YMMV (your mileage 
may vary)...despite this info. coming from my daughter's CDE, we STILL find 
junior juices ( 4 oz) work best for her..she can carry them in the car, in 
her bookbag, in her purse, wherever....
#2...if you're dissatisfied with how diabetes is impacting your life, I urge 
you to find a good CDE. It's increasingly rare for a physician to have the 
time to do this kind of "fine-tuning" of a patient's diabetes control. And 
from all my "cyber-connections", I am increasingly convinced that the "one 
size fits all" endocrinologist's antiquated approach to dealing with diabetes 
is NOT going to suffice!

Regards, Renee
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