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[IP] Anniversary

As a periodic ranter, I wanted to share my thoughts as my family and I do not recognize the 4 year anniversary of our becoming diabetic.  I can't help but feel differently when I read how other list members commemorate that horrific day that their lives changed forever. I cannot tolerate giving diabetes even one more second of my attention than it already demands. For just one day, I do not want to say no to a incredible 7.5 year old that just doesn't understand why he can't have something he wants. For just one day, I do not want to think about how my other child feels when more of our attention centers around our son despite all our efforts.  For just one day, I do not want to miss how things might have been without this heavy life sentence for our son.

What I will give my time to is finding the way to put and end to all of this.  I don't want to mark the day with presents or dinners or anything but what he really needs...a cure.  Let's make every effort this year for all of you that don't have any choices when dealing with diabetes . Whatever organization  you support...do it. Give of your time and money if you are able.  If this isn't possible...use your time to sit at the computer to aid in some of the governmental advocacy work that is always going on. Come out to the local walks...be counted as a person who will not sit by and let others do for you. Do it for yourself or for your loved ones. It does make a difference.

You all have been good to me this year while we have been pumping.  I am grateful for your voices of experience.  I do believe there will be a day when we can stop being shoulders to each other and just be people who once shared a common cause. Thanks for listening.

Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year!