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[IP] Justins petition!

Dear IP friends, 
My 14 year old son, Justin, is working hard collecting signatures for a 
petition in support of a cure for diabetes.  He was diagnosed with diabetes a 
little over a year ago, and wishes constantly that a cure would be found! If 
you can help him, that  would be wonderful! Your support is greatly 
The Government spends $40 billion dollars a year treating people with 
diabetes, but just 1% of that to cure it! Finding a cure should be the 
ultimate goal! By signing the petition, you are urging the Government to 
spend at least 1 billion dollars a year trying to find a cure!  WHO CAN SIGN 
THE PETITION?? ANYONE & EVERYONE! That includes adults, children, people who 
are not registered to vote, non-American citizens - ANYONE!  A person does 
not even have to "sign" the petition. As long as they say it is okay, we can 
add their name to it! That way you can collect names by telephone, email, 
etc.!    We are trying to collect as many names as possible! The more of us 
they hear from... the more likely we are to be "heard"! This will show 
Congress that finding a cure has huge public support! Justin's goal is to 
collect 2,500 signatures but Jan.10, 2000.  We know that this is a huge 
number,  but not an unreachable one! Justin is already well on his way 
towards meeting his goal!  If he achieves this goal, he will win a trip to 
Washington, DC to attend the American Diabetes Association - Rally For A 
Cure! We think that it would be an incredibly awesome experience for him to 
be able to see that this many people are fighting this battle to find a cure 
- for him and many, many others with this disease!  If we can add your name 
to the list,  please email us your name & address. We greatly appreciate it!! 
 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Your support is truly appreciated!


The Windham's (Mike, Teressa & Justin)
email address      email @ redacted        or      email @ redacted

Mom of Justin/14   Dx'd 8/98  - not pumping yet
.....but hopefully soon!
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