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Re: [IP] Apology to everyone

At 12:30 PM 12/25/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >How do we know if we are "infected" with this computer virus? I have an 
 >computer and I'm not even sure how, or what to check.
 >Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

This mainly affects people that are running Microsoft Outlook Express. If 
you haven't gotten any email with a program attached, you are OK. If you 
did get a program attached, and you haven't run the program, then you are 
still OK.

The best solution is to get a virus scanner. There are about a half-dozen 
of them out there... two of the best known are from Norton (Symantec) and 
McAfee (Network Associates). If you do have a virus scanner, make sure that 
you keep it up-to-date. Many have an auto-update feature.


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