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[IP] Re: A Mother's Nightmare!

Hi all, remember me, the Mom who was sending her 12 year old pumper to Utah 
over this holiday to ski with his aunt, uncle, and cousins, and was scared to 
death?  Read on.........Got up at 4a.m. so my son could make a 6 a.m. flight 
from D.C. to Dallas (where he was to meet his relatives, who were flying 
there from Ft. Lauderdale - they were all then to fly on to Salt Lake 
together).  The flight out of D.C. was delayed for 4-1/2 hours which caused 
my son to miss his connection from Dallas to Salt Lake.  Before finally 
leaving D.C., the airline got him on a later connection from Dallas to Salt 
Lake, but it meant he had to sit around Dallas-Ft. Worth airport for 7 hours 
alone!!!!!  As providence had it, one of the relatives who was flying from 
Ft. Lauderdale also missed his flight and ended up on the same connecting 
flight to Salt Lake as my son, so he was only alone for a few hours until 
meeting up with a friendly face.  They all ended up together in Salt Lake - 
phew - but no, this is not over.  Got a call that night at midnight, my son 
had to change a battery and for some reason the pump stopped its audible 
signals.  Being a Mom, I was then up all night imagining error alarms going 
off in silence in the night.  Heard from him the next morning, and his OTHER 
battery had to be changed, and when he consulted the book about how to make 
his beeps come back, and did what it said, the beeping WOULD NOT STOP!  Thank 
God, he had his spare pump and just used that one.  He decided to take his 
basals down from about 1.1 to .7 (I thought that was too much of a decrease, 
but he thought it was right, and I deferred to him.)  Turns out he was 
accurate, his numbers after a full day of skiing were in the 79-129 range.  I 
am one proud Mom and just wanted to let all of you who were so helpful know 
how the trip started!  
-Sunny (whose hair has turned white almost overnight!)
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