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[IP] My Second A1C since starting pumping

Just got back my A1C results after 3 months on the pump.  Before 
starting, my A1C was 7.9.  At 6 weeks after starting it was 7.3 and the 
latest is 6.9.  Not bad, I would say.  I am aiming for 6.6 next time.  
Blood sugar has been quite stable and more important, quite predictable.  
As can been seen by reading the messages posted here, everyone's 
experience is a little different (or a LOT different!), but a pump 
certainly provides an opportunity to improve your control of your 
diabetes.  It takes some work and attention, but if you work at it, a 
pump can definitely improve your life.

By the way, congrats to David Dougherty for the low A1C, things 
obviously are working for you.  To Tammy, who is having too many insulin 
reactions, take a hard look at your basel rate and make some 
adjustments.  Before I was on the pump, I also had way too many insulin 
reactions, but since I started pumping, the reactions have almost 
disappeared, yet I have not had many highs.  It is always a balancing 
act and requires a fair amount of attention as each day is different.  
But it is not THAT difficult to do and there are so many positives to 
figuring it all out and making it work for yourself.  

Best wishes for a very happy holiday season to everyone who takes the 
time to contribute to this site with your ideas, problems, thoughts, 
insights, suggestions, solutions and everything else.  I don't always 
agree with what is written, but I always learn something and I think 
that is what Michael had in mind when he got IP started.  Thanks, 

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area
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