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Re: [IP] re: comparing meters

About measuring devices --- my experience ---
Being a retired engineer I have had an opportunity to measure a lot of
things: metal stress/strain, temperature, pressure, viscosity and blood
glucose.  What I have learned (to date) is that measuring tools are not and
were never meant to be, absolutely accurate.  The cost of accuracy drives a
measuring device out of the reach of the ordinary citizen very quickly.
The trade-off is to balance cost and reliability with accuracy and
effectiveness.  Make it "good enough" but not so good no one can afford one.

My personal experience with measuring BG has been pretty good.  In the
process of measuring my BG I have determined that my "near low" reading
(that point where I can "feel" the effects of low BG but I am still
functional) is around 50.  Of course if my BG is 60 or even 70 I will
usually have a nibble of something to bring it up a bit and, if it is below
50, I will immediately have a snack of some fast acting carb.  While I
measure I almost subconsciously compare how I feel with what the meter
says.  If I am feeling "fuzzy" then I expect to see a reading of around 50.
 If it is 100 then I become suspicious.  If it is 30 I take some carb and
begin to search for the reason for the discrepancy.  In no case do I expect
my meter to be much better than plus or minus 15%.  At a reading of 50 that
would give me a band of 15.  Seven and a half percent high or low.  I can
live with that.  My personal experience has been that the meters I use (One
Touch Profile) are very stable and reliable.  I also have an Accu-check and
find it to be a good solid measuring device but I do find it harder to use
than the Profile.  Compared with the past though, I'll gladly take what I
have.  That old business before measuring machines was difficult at best.
Comparing colors was never my long suit so I had to take any reading with a
grain of salt.  I still do.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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