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[IP] chat with a teen re "overdelivery"?

Yesterday in a diabetes chat room, there was a self-declared 17 year old teen 
who claimed she had a MM 507C pump that overdelivered insulin.  She said she 
had had 4 seizures in 2 weeks.  She also said her mother took away her 
drivers license. From much of what she had to say, I was suspect at best.  
Several moms of pumpers were also in the chat room and via IM we all 
expressed our doubts about this girl's claims.  Obviously one can get too 
much insulin from having a basal rate that is set too high, or over bolusing 
etc.  It was clear she did not like being on the pump  and was happy to be 
back on injections.   Over the 4+ years that my son has been pumping, I have 
NEVER suspected that his pump delivered more than the programmed amount 
whatsoever.   This morning I'm feeling guilty at having blatantly told that 
teen I didn't believe what she was saying about the overdelivery to be true 
based on other comments she had made.  There was some discussion that it is a 
man made machine and has flaws.  As an ardent pump enthusiast, and one who 
promotes pump therapy for children as a near full time job without pay, I had 
to bring this up to the IP group.  My question to the IP 1800+ is, have any 
of you ever suspected that your new pump on the market delivered more than 
what was programmed to deliver? 

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