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[IP] Medica insurance denying test strip coverage

I haven't been keeping up with the digests lately, so I don't know if this
has been covered yet:

I got a letter from Medica Insurance today stating that I will no longer be
covered for my Precision QID strips, and I must choose a new meter that uses
either AccuCheck, One Touch, or Chemstrip strips. Today was my 6 month
pumpiversary - not much of a present  ;- (
I'm not happy, obviously. I hate being forced to use what my insurance
company thinks is best for me. I think those decisions are best left to
myself and my health care team.

I chose the Precision QID for a few reasons: the quick 20 second results,
the accuracy and consistency (my CDE said it was the best on the market when
sho gave me one), and most importantly, the foil wrapped strips.

As a pumper, I already need to carry (in my pants pockets, no purse or fanny
my pump, my meter, and my lancing device. I appreciate being able to grab 10
foil wrapped strips in the morning to put in my wallet, as opposed to
carrying a bulging test strip vial in my pocket. I don't like the idea of
one more
thing to fit in my pockets day in and day out, and I don't want to start
leaving my test strips in my desk at work (too easy to forget when going to
lunch or if I need to test when I'm away from my desk). I also refuse to
carry a bag with my diabetic supplies in it - I'm not ashamed, but I'm still
a "private" diabetic that doesn't think every single person I come into
contact with needs to know.

So this is my question: do any of the companies that I am forced to start
buying from offer foil wrapped strips? I know One Touch doesn't, I know
Accu-Check doesn't (or didn't back when I got my QID), and I'm not sure
about Chemstrips (don't even know who makes those).

Has anyone had success fighting their insurance companies for coverage of
"non-formulary" supplies? I'm afraid I'm running into a wall here, but I'm
going to go down fighting. I would be okay with a compromise, maybe being
able to get QID strips at a higher percentage co-pay if I need to.

I was even more ticked off when I called One Touch for my new free meter (I
chose the Fast Take) and was denied when I asked for a backup meter. I
how many strips I will be using each month, how I depend on my meter to
function, how I could end up in dire consequence if my sole meter failed,
etc., but they still wouldn't send a second meter for me.

Please email me at email @ redacted with any suggestions or methods
to use with Medica insurance. Thanks in advance!

Matt Braun

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