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[IP] Pump repair, pregnancy and SW question

Hi all  its been awhile and I am trying to catch up on my email before I
visit San Antonio over the holidays.  My husband is working now but we
are still on COBRA for the time being.  At least we are covered again.
I visited a different endo last week in Atlanta.  He reassured me that I
was going to have bg spikes but I was doing great.  I feel i am having a
lot of lows  sending me into rebound so he  is going to put me on the
continuous glucose monitor after the new year to get a better picture.
I too will join the ranks of test subjects on the IP.  I am so excited!
All was well with me  My A1C was a bit higher than last time at 6.8 but
the doctor was ok with that.  Hey , my one year anniversary of pumping
is near on Jan 9th,  the year has flown. I will also make 25 years with
dm on April Fools Day.  Of course its never been a joke.
   In reference to my pump repair.  I called mm today again  after I got
a no delivery alarm.  The lady was nice but she told me that my pump
won't be ready until after the new year.  She did promise to extend my
warranty for an additional 2 months for my troubles.  I guess I need
that in writing.  She also informed me that although the help line will
be open through the Christmas holiday, Fed EX wont be making anymore
pump deliveries until Monday.( for all who want to know)
   Suzanne I just want to let you know that I have had 3 successful
pregnancies with dm.  The last one 3 years ago was a twin pregnancy!
Talk about fear I was scared that time.  Every pregnancy was a lot of
work but well worth it to have healthy babies.  By the way I wasn't on
the pump during any of the times and I am sure it would have been
better, but it was possible.
   Now my question.  Every time I eat Chinese food  my bg starts
climbing between 2 and 4 hours.Tonight I [pigged out unfortunately.  AT
7:30 I had taken the total of 9.8 units.    Here are my following
numbers 7:30 93  9:30  163 10:30 242 so I took 3.1 units  How can I
better manage this I would like to try the SW if that fits this

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