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Re: [IP] photo virus - NOT

At 11:47 AM 12/23/1999  Sam Skopp wrote:
 >At 10:41 AM 12/23/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 > >well actually I believe the thing that you are all so freaked about 
were the
 > >GREAT pictures of Melissa getting "installed"  If it caused your pc to
 > >or go bonkners, I am sure it was not this file's fault!!  It WAS a big 
 > >but well worth it, in my opinion to see htat happy face.
 > >
 > >Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Update!! There has been major confusion between two separate items.

The post that appeared on this list, to which Sara refers, which was a link 
that showed the first day pump installation is NOT a problem. It was pretty 
cute actually, and I enjoyed seeing it. It was really nice to have that 
special day shared with us. As far as I can tell, there is no concern about 
viruses from this site.

However, there is a second totally unrelated message that has been sent 
directly to some members. It has an attachment called "baby.exe". Although 
scanning shows no viruses I can't say that it is safe... just unknown at 
this point. If anyone has received this file and opened it up, can you 
please write me privately to tell me what it does and who it came from? We 
are very concerned about the propagation of unsolicited files via this list.



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