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RE: [IP] Latest HBA1C


You are right about the highs. I used to peak at 250+ most of the time after
a meal. Now I seldom go over 210 or so and it falls fairly quickly after
that. Still adjusting the basals to try to reduce the peaks. I also have
hypo unawareness and that is why my doc wanted me to go on the pump. It has
made a huge difference. I still don't feel them when they come but then
again I have had only one reading in the last six weeks that was below 60
and that in itself is a huge change. The pump has made even more of a
difference than I thought it would.

By the way, do you know what "lab normal" means? Does that mean "good range
for a diabetic"? Or does it mean that this is a truly "normal" range? I've
never understood the term.



> "David L. Dougherty" wrote:
> > I haven't had any dangerous hypos since starting the pump
> and I was afraid
> > this fact was going to skew my results upward.
> I bet your A1c didn't go up because you also reduced the amount of
> highs.  Since I have hypo unawareness, the Nurse Practitioner and I
> agreed my 5.9 (< 6.6 lab "normal") pre-pump A1c was too low and wanted
> to see it higher.  When the next 2 came in about the same with no hypo
> problems, we decided to stop worrying about my A1c being too low.  My
> target range is 100-130 and I treat any bg under 100 as a
> hypo so I know
> my bg average isn't as low as my A1c indicates it is.
> Joanne

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