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Re: [IP] Resend, virus - send it to me!

Someone asked:
>Aren't files ending in .TXT and .DOC dangerous too?

.doc files (MS-Word) can be dangerous. They can contain "macro" viruses.
They should be scanned with a virus checker just like executable files
I am not familiar with any viruses associated with plain text files
(.txt). However I suppose it is possible. Some types of plain text files
such as batch files (.bat) could be executed and contain dangerous
NOTE: just because a file has a certain extension or has a certain type
of icon does not mean that's what it is! Anyone can rename a file to
have whatever extension they want (which usually changes the Windows
icon too). It is a good policy to scan all downloaded files with a virus
checker, regardless of the name, including those you get off this list.
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