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[IP] Re: comparing meters

Sara wrote:
>In my humble opinion, I think it is best NOT to compare readings between 
>Just pick a meter you like, and go consistently by what it says...Don't use >another meter cuz it might be calculating a different value.

Well, Sara, you know I am going to have to throw in my $.02 now :-)
	There are some people who need to use more than one meter. Or at least
want to. My husband likes using his Profile at home because he has had
it forever and loves it and reads to the computer, etc etc. But he
refuses to take it with him anywhere (thinks its too large, doesn't want
to be seen carrying black case nearly identical to wife's purse...) So
the choice is: no testing while away from home, or test with a different
meter (pen-size). I would think this might be an issue with kids too.
	I agree that directly comparing and expecting the numbers to always be
right on is unrealistic, but shouldn't you at least be able to
consitently get numbers that "correspond"? ie. When one says you are 150
the other had better not be saying 70...  If you can find out that your
"away from home" meter is always 20-30 points higher than your "at home"
meter, wouldn't that be helpful?
Merry Christmas (or insert other holiday greeting of your choice here)
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