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[IP] ADHD and Kevin

. robin,

are you familiar with Dr. Dean Edell?

he is nationally syndicated on radio and also does a blurb on ABC nightly
news once a week. ( I believe,  I don't watch T.V)

I listen to him on the radio daily ...and he was discussing ADHD recently.
I looked up his website and there is a very interesting article that he
reported about this.  you might be interested...and perhaps also in
following his 'threads' about this highly over and mis-diagnosed  ( in my
opinion)  disorder.


> Just a side note, Kevin also has ADHD in the worst way. He is a wild man.
> are weaning him off one medicine and going to see his doc tomorrow who I
> think will try another. He used to take Ritalin years ago and then got an
> tic that we later found out was due to an eye infection (that's another
> story) but in the meantime...they started him on a BP med that is supposed
> help ADHD. It did, but makes him sleepy. The time has come with his growth
> spurt to increase the dose a lot and I refuse to do it...so we are looking
> Adderall to replace it.

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