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[IP] 2 hour pp and sherry

> insulin isn't a linear release, it is much more exponential.

yes, sherry.  I agree...and our method of dividing the original correction
by 3 works MOST of the time.  but you are correct about humalog peaking at
different times.  I sometimes see that geneva has come down about 70% after
2 hours...leaving 30% left in the final equation.  and we more or less fudge
around with this as we make the NEW correction.  but..I posted our general
approach.  it varies as you say...meal to meal,  person to person.

> So if the insulin is peaking at 2hrs that may mean you only have
> .2 left not .4.  So although this works for Geneva, it may be
> just luck?
> Now that I am on straight Humalog, I find the insulin peaks in
> less then 1 hr and seems to  be out of me in 2hrs

this is why we do the  temp basal for alot of meals...because it just gives
geneva a bit of coverage for three hours after she eats.


> I am finding I have to dual wave a
> lot of my meals because the insulin is peaking at 1 hr and the food
> at 2hrs.

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