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[IP] 2 hour pp/ADHD

In the past, when we would check at the 2 hours pp, if we did anything to 
correct it - he would crash also. This will be interesting how it turns out.

Thanks for all the help and answers we are getting. 

Just a side note, Kevin also has ADHD in the worst way. He is a wild man. We 
are weaning him off one medicine and going to see his doc tomorrow who I 
think will try another. He used to take Ritalin years ago and then got an eye 
tic that we later found out was due to an eye infection (that's another 
story) but in the meantime...they started him on a BP med that is supposed to 
help ADHD. It did, but makes him sleepy. The time has come with his growth 
spurt to increase the dose a lot and I refuse to do it...so we are looking at 
Adderall to replace it. Anyone with kids ever use this for their kids?
I know it wont affect the Diabetes, but I get nervous trying other stuff.

Between Christmas excitement and no hyper-medicine....kevin is hard to deal 
with right now. It makes his compliance with diabetes management much harder 
to deal with too!

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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