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[IP] geneva and night time BG's

we have not written in awhile about geneva's night time excursions because
it seemed that she was doing OK for several weeks.  we are now in a full
blown growth spurt like we have NEVER encountered prior!

I have finally had to up her basals from an average of 0.5 almost all day to

she  has a period from 8 pm until  12 am which had been somewhat OK at 1.0
now we are up to 1.2

I mentioned geneva having pizza last night and at 1 am she was 350.  she
corrected to 200 and awoke around 145.

I have been following michael's advice awhile back,  having geneva slowly
end up around 140-150 by the morning.  but...in geneva's case  (unlike lily,
if I recall)....she starts out high and then slowly drops.
I think michael mentioned that lily starts out around 100 at bedtime and
slowly rises.

my question is this:

should I leave this situation alone or try to work her numbers  in the
opposite direction.
...get her to go to bed at a lower level and go up to 140-150?

geneva always runs high after going to sleep (especially after pizza!)
...and then drops from 1 am until wakeup.

thanks all!

ruth and geneva age 10

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