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Re: [IP] 2 hour pp

> If a correction is made two hours after a meal, how is the initial insulin
> accounted for in the correction?

what we do is divide geneva's ORIGINAL correction amount by 3 hours, and
assume that 2/3's of that TOTAL amount has already affected her levels.
that then leaves 1/3 of the amount left that is UNUSED insulin.  we subtract
that amount from our correction.


9 am  we use 1.2 units to correct at breakfast.
11 am,  she is 100 points higher than she should be

she has already received (on estimation).... 0.8 units from the 1.2 total
 1.2 divided by 3 is 0.4, times 2 hours equals 0.8 )

since geneva needs 1 unit to drop her 100 points,  we SUBTRACT the remaining
0.4 of the ORIGINAL correction dose from her now needed 1.0 units to
correct..... which leaves:

0.6 units that will be her new correction.

gosh...this sounds confusing.  someone step in here and explain it better.


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