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Re: [IP] duration of pizza increases

>Lately, I have been ordering the
> pizza with 1/2 the normal amount of cheese and this has helped
> I think most pizzas must be loaded with a tremendous amount of cheese
> than we may realize

and as michael has previously pointed out,  the STORE bought pizzas tend
have less cheese and therefore don't contribute to the big spike nearly as
much as the ones in a pizza "joint".


mom to geneva, age ten, who called this am from a sleepover from which she
was supposed to correct around 2 am.  she had pizza last night and at 1 am
was 350.  she corrected to 200  (per my UN aggressive instructions to
prevent hypos later)....and awoke to 145 BG!

see next post about this issue:     "geneva and night time BGs"

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