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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek or One Touch Profile

I own one of each of these meters, and NEVER got any notification of new

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From: Susan K <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: 23 December, 1999 6:00 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Accu-Chek or One Touch Profile

>Better check your facts, Natalie.
>Lifescan came out, a while back, with new strips for the
>One-Touch and Profile meters.  These newer strips look the
>same but they measure plasma values not whole blood values.
> They sent letters to all the registered owners of these
>meters about it.  It is also on the package insert, I
>           HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!
>--- "Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> email @ redacted wrote:
>> >
>> > Got new freebe Accu-Chek from MM.  Just checked it
>> against  our one touch,
>> > and the accu-c said 236 bg while the One-touch said
>> 176.  That's such a huge
>> > difference.  Which do I believe and should I correct
>> for.  Holly
>> The Profile gives you whole-blood readings and the
>> Complete gives you
>> plasma readings which are about 12 - 15% higher. Then
>> there's the error
>> of measurement which exists in all machines.
>> I think the Complete is less susceptible to variations in
>> user technique
>> than the Profile, because the profile depends on YOU to
>> put on the right
>> amount of blood while the Complete stops when it has
>> enough, and the
>> Profile also varies according to ambient light, while the
>> Complete is
>> electronic.
>> So, seems to me that the best thing to do is decide to
>> use one or the
>> other, and LEARN your machine. But don't compare them
>> unduly -- it leads
>> to quandaries like this one!  :)
>> In the 80 - 120 range, the readings should be close
>> enough that it
>> wouldn't change your treatment decisions. When you're
>> high, I hope you
>> correct cautiously, anyway, because as you well know,
>> diabetes isn't an
>> exact science!!!
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