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From: Subject: [IP] 2 hour pp

Jenna usually takes at least 2.5-3 hours to be back in range, but usually at
2 hours she is 40 or 50 points high, not a lot more.  So if he's WAY high,
you probably do need a little bit lower insulin:carb ratio.  Have you done a
test of his basals with fasting?  If these stay pretty level, I wouldn't
change basal rates, either raise the Insulin to carb a tad or put up with

Nancy Morgan

<<he should not be higher than 40 points from the start. He is usually WAY
higher than that, but most of the time in range by 4 hours. Obviously for
this to work, we will have to change all the basals to lower, and boluses to
higher. Does anyone else have 2 hour pp that close in range? >>

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