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Re:[IP] Atkins

I heard a cardiologist speaking before a diabetes group
recently say that "Atkins" diet is something we should
"avoid like the plague". Also that the once well-founded
American Diabetes Association diet recommendations which
have disappeared should still be followed, not abandoned
to letting us "eat just like the rest of this fat country".
Note the similarity of the words "plaque" and "plague"!
   Doctor then went on to describe the plaque-buildup we
must all seek to reduce (or even avoid), which is promoted
by the unnecessary addition of circulating fat in that
Atkins diet.
   Proper dietetic counsel during our introduction to
intensive therapy (MDI or CSII) should have prepared us to
control total caloric intake, and those (adults) who
lost weight when starting pumping may have been the
closest followers of that teaching.
I got down to 145 in my first year, but now up to 172#
   I should find some web-references on this matter too,

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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