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[IP] 2 hour pp

Kevin's mom asked
> The new endo has us checking Kevin at 2 hours pp and 
>  said he should not be higher than 40 points from the start. 
> He is usually WAY higher than that, but most of the time 
> in range by 4 hours. 

well if your endo INSISTS that he be no higher than 40 points 2 hours after a 
meal, then you will need to bolus SOONER....wait longer before he 
eats...Obviously you are using hte right amount of insulin, however, it does 
not reach its peak IMMEDIATELY, and sometimes not even in 2 hours, EVEN IF 
you are using Humalog!

As far as I am concerned, being this concerned with a 2 hour number, when the 
3 1/2 hour or 4 number is right on target, voids the whole point to using a 
pump...When I am hungry, I test, bolus and eat...knowing that if my ratios 
are set correctly and my site isn't going bad, then in 3 1/2 - 4 hours I will 
be back in the range I want to be...If I test less than 3 hours after a 
bolus, I can EXPECT to be higher than I want to be...The obvious solution to 
this is to wait a little while between bolus and eating, but I just am too 
spontaneous for that...If I wanted to be that careful, I'd go back to shots!

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