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Re: [IP] Resend, virus - send it to me!

At 08:26 AM 12/22/1999  Ruth Schneider wrote:
 >I opened this attachment and we are doin' fine here!

Have you checked your system with a virus checker?? Is your virus checker 
up-to-date? The one I use had an update as late as last week. Unless your 
checker is current, it is not looking for the newer viruses.

Some viruses hide, waiting for a particular event. That even could be 
anything... a particular date, a particular sequence of commands, or who 
knows what. So, just because things "seem" OK, doesn't mean that they 
really are.

If I've scared anyone... good! We all need to be as cautious with email 
attachments as we would with approaching a stranger on a dark street 
corner. It's a dangerous world out there.


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