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Re: [IP] Resend, virus - send it to me!

At 08:36 AM 12/22/1999  Kevin wrote:
 >You miss the point all together here!
 >I am using a system that is NOT susectible to viruses.  Viruses take
 >advantage of weaknesses in the operating system, whether Mac or Windows.

My message was not aimed at you, but to the general population out there. I 
also speak Linux and have a machine dedicated to it here. If someone wants 
to send you that file, that would be perfectly fine. You obviously know how 
to handle it.

However, the vast majority of people on this list are using Windows based 
machines. Many do not realize the dangers out there. To all the Windows 
users out there, my advice is the same. Do NOT open program files that are 
attached to email, unless it is something that you specifically asked for. 
Even then, run it through a virus scanner first. If you don't have a 
scanner or don't know how to use it, NEVER open such types of programs on 
your system. Some email programs can even be set to block attachments over 
a certain size.

Better safe than sorry. Viruses are cooked up by people who are either very 
immature, are very sick or both. Protecting your computer against viruses 
is no less important than locking your home against intruders.


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