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Re: RE: [IP] duration of pizza increases- and nuts

In a message dated 12/22/99 11:38:14 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I also have a strange reaction from pizza.  I eat it for breakfast, lunch,

dinner, etc and it always reacts the same.  My blood sugars are beautiful

for 5 hours after and then skyrocket.  >>

Might be a second peak from the fat.

Recently during a period when my gastroparesis doesn't seem to be acting up, 
I have eaten nuts several times.  Since they have all come in packages with 
nutritional info, I have been bolusing for the carb content at the time I eat 
them.  Then about 10 hours later (which is of course usually in the middle of 
the night -- but I perfected this by eating some in late morning) my blood 
sugars go way up.  So I find a 3 hour SW started 9 hours after I eat the nuts 
for the carb gram equivalent of 20% of the fat content (I know, fat is 
supposed to have only 10% carb equivalent, but this has been what worked) has 
worked quite well.  Of course this is a bit inconvenient for the middle of 
the night, but it just intrigues me that I can do it!  (a use for the 3rd 
profile on the 508)  I have this memory of my second pregnancy in 1972 when I 
told the endo that I was eating a serving of mixed nuts before going to bed 
to keep from going low, and he insisted that nuts would have no affect on 
blood sugar and that I should be eating a starch exchange, which I thought 
then and I'm sure now would have raised my blood sugar right away when it 
didn't need to be.

Linda Z
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