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[IP] RE: duration of pizza increases-Sherry

>I have tried to take extra insulin at eating time and I go low first and then >high later.

yes, Shane has tried this with similar results.

>I tried a dual wave and put most of it into the first dose and then spread >the rest over 4 hours.  Same results.

Shane has D instead of MM so hasn't tried this.

>I tried taking all first and then spread extra out over 6 hours...ran on the >lower side all day until the expected spike.

yes, Shane basically tried this approach-do bolus for total carbs as
usual, start the increase right after eating. Made him run low also. We
found if he waits an hour or two after eating the pizza and then starts
the increase, the 2 hour number is usually close to being "on" and he
will not go low. And the bgs are good during the time the increase is
running. But after he turns off the increase, up go the bgs. So we are
thinking-"run the increase longer", but it seems like having that
increase still active 8 hours after eating is a bit long...

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