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[IP] The (Continuing) Humalog Saga...

Steve- I just wanted to let you know that I did use straight Humalog for 
about 6 months with no end to the problems.  The 'pump bumps' were markedly 
improved by the use of MIXING insulins.  I agree that there is something to 
do with 'impurities' or maybe allergens - and am now willing to try to get 
back on Humalog as I love it's rapid action.  (I used it successfuly for 
about 1 or 2 years MDI before I went on the pump.)  I'm not toooooo shabby 
about cleaning site areas or using new 'equipment' - but this one-a-day 
stuff is too rich for me and that's what I was doing with straight Humalog 
and Tenders before.  I think I'll wait until after Christmas to try a new 
regime as there are just too many new variables to deal with at this time. 
(Family dinners, etc.)   Hope you and your family has the best of holidays.  
It's been great hearing from you.
dxed in 1965 pumping 2 years
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