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[IP] Re: duration of pizza increases-Ruth

>what time is it then?  is he eating at 6 pm and then by midnight he is in
>the 180-200 range?  if so...perhaps this is the growth hormone acting up.

hee hee. I should mention, Shane is my 30-y/o husband, so I don't think
its growth :-)

>if he eats pizza at 12 noon,  and at 6 pm he is high...then maybe his basals
>from 4/5 pm are a bit low.

Usually when we have pizza it is for supper. Unfortunately Shane doesn't
like to eat supper until 8 or 9pm. For example, last night he ate the
pizza at about 8:30. At about 10:30 (bedtime) he was almost exactly 100,
so the initial bolus seems to be about right.  Then he started the basal
increase. At 3am he was 118, and he returned to normal basals.  At 6am
he tested 180.
He does have strong dawn phenomenon, but I don't think that is the
problem. The nightime basals seem pretty well set. On a night where he
doesn't eat "difficult" food (like pizza), he will not change more than
about 10 points all night.
Other ideas? If nothing else we will just try leaving the increase all
night, but I am really cautious about doing this given his previous
(pre-pump) problems with bad nighttime lows.
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