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Re: [IP] 2 hour pp

email @ redacted wrote:
> Tell me something....The new endo has us checking Kevin at 2 hours pp and
> said he should not be higher than 40 points from the start. He is usually WAY
> higher than that, but most of the time in range by 4 hours. Obviously for
> this to work, we will have to change all the basals to lower, and boluses to
> higher. Does anyone else have 2 hour pp that close in range? Is it really
> do-able?? It is frustrating for me right now to see these #'s at 2 hours so
> awful....I hate to even write them down for the doc!       Just want to see
> how much I should stress out on getting it done.  Right now we are checking
> only, no changing or correcting.

When I started learning about carb-counting (can't remember the source),
it said an excursion of 40 - 80 mg/dl is what you should be aiming for.

So, for example, if Kevin starts at 120, and shoots up to 300, that's
too much, but if he only goes to 200, that's fine.

In Pumping Insulin, they say that if you have a high peak, and yet your
BGs are OK at the 4 hour mark, you might try giving the bolus a LITTLE
earlier, because the problem is most likely a mismatch of timing.

I find that for me, their advice is right on target -- MY problem is
disciplining myself to give the bolus 5 min. early and WAIT -- I wanna
dig in NOW!

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