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RE: [IP] Resend, virus - send it to me!

I agree with Sam. I work for a large oil jobber. When I came here there were
over half a dozen viruses infecting the company computers. I installed a
virus protection program and since that time we have had no viruses. We have
received numerous viruses via email over the last couple of years but the
anti-virus program has caught them. Two of the viruses came from the offices
of the main offices of the national oil company we work for (I won't mention
the name). Moral: you can receive viruses via e-mail even from someone you
know, even from "trusted" sites. If you don't have an anti-virus program you
should get one as soon as possible and keep the virus definitions updated


> Everyone needs to be VERY careful about opening up
> attachments that are
> programs... even if it is from someone you know. Programs
> typically end
> with .exe in the file name. If someone was actually sending
> you pictures,
> the attached picture files most likely would NOT end in .exe.
> Most pictures
> files end in something like .jpg or .bmp
> The best advice is NEVER open up any program from email
> without scanning it
> first. If in doubt... throw it out!
> Sam

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