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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek or One Touch Profile

email @ redacted wrote:
> Got new freebe Accu-Chek from MM.  Just checked it against  our one touch,
> and the accu-c said 236 bg while the One-touch said 176.  That's such a huge
> difference.  Which do I believe and should I correct for.  Holly

The Profile gives you whole-blood readings and the Complete gives you
plasma readings which are about 12 - 15% higher. Then there's the error
of measurement which exists in all machines. 

I think the Complete is less susceptible to variations in user technique
than the Profile, because the profile depends on YOU to put on the right
amount of blood while the Complete stops when it has enough, and the
Profile also varies according to ambient light, while the Complete is

So, seems to me that the best thing to do is decide to use one or the
other, and LEARN your machine. But don't compare them unduly -- it leads
to quandaries like this one!  :) 

In the 80 - 120 range, the readings should be close enough that it
wouldn't change your treatment decisions. When you're high, I hope you
correct cautiously, anyway, because as you well know, diabetes isn't an
exact science!!!

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