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Re: [IP] 2 hour pp

   There's a reason why YMMV("your mileage may vary") is such a recurrent 
theme among the members of this group & also a reason why anecdotal 
cyber-stories carry more weight than "what the doc says". Thanks to the 
"input" from so many pumpers, you get instant access to how things really ARE 
as opposed to how the doc THINKS they should be.
    My daughter definitely needs more than 2 hours for Humalog to bring her 
back into range & if we started fooling with her basals, we'd throw off 
everything. Even when she was on shots, I contended that the regular insulin 
was lasting far longer than it was "supposed to"....
     And while I was getting chemotherapy for breast cancer, I kept telling 
my oncologist "stories" of side effects that other women at the BC message 
board were relating, such as tooth sensitivity following treatment. At first, 
he smirked, but eventually HE started asking ME if anyone had mentioned a 
particular side effect that one of his patients had encountered!! 
      And lastly, when Melissa's oral surgeon came out from the O.R. to see 
us, he mentioned that he'd asked the recovery room nurses if they'd be OK 
with monitoring her insulin pump...their reply: "Oh - not to worry - we find 
the moms are always the "experts" about this!!!"  'Nuf said!!!

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom to the "patient" whose bg was just 100!)
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