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Re: [IP] pregnancy and diabetes

Has anyone been pregnant and diabetic?  I have retinopathy and nephropathy.  
I am taking pills for my hypertension and I was told that if I decide to get 
pregnant I can switch my pills to Aldomet.  Has anyone taken this during 
thier pregnancy?  Tell me how your pregnancy went.  I am still deciding 
whether it will be safe.   Daniela

Hi Daniela... yep, been pregnant twice so far.  I'm a Type I diabetic for 
over 22 years.  The pregnancies were ALOT of work, but SO VERY WORTH IT!!!  
Expect alot more probing, an increase in insulin, WAY more testings and alot 
more shots (wish I had the pump then!).  I have zero complications as of 
yet, so maybe that made it easier for me.  Although, I managed everything 
myself and went to a regular family doctor at the time!  Definately seek 
profession help with this decision especially since you are already having 
some complications.
Pregnancy is a big step and a big change on everyone's body.  Everyone 
reacts differently, and add diabetes on top of it, it can be a struggle.  
Good Luck!
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