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[IP] Scared to death--mind if I dump? too long though.......

I've been doing great with my pump.....that is until about 3 weeks ago.
Then, my stomach started turning sour A LOT! Just like 10 years ago when
they diagnosed gastroparesis. Went to the doc and he didn't think it was
anything to worry about, but he wasn't really sure what was going on. He
seemed to think (continuously) that I was having trouble with my bowels, not
my stomach. I don't think he had ever really had to deal with paresis much.
Anyway, when I could no longer eat without being nauseated......thinking of
food became nauseating......I began heaving (not vomiting, no food going
in).......then it wa every 20 minutes and even drinking brought on terrible
heartburn and pain, he finally scheduled an upper GI and barium swallow. We
ruled out gall bladder, but he put me on liquids only after the tests were
done until he received the results. That was Friday last. Monday I came home
to a message from his assistant saying I was to stay on liquids ONLY!!!
until they could get me in to a specialist. They had received the results
and there were problems. I couldn't find out what problems there were that
day, but today I showed up when the office opened to find out. My doc was in
talking with the specialist and had them schedule me to come in at his lunch
break so we could talk. Now for the freaky stuff. It really is my stomach.
It is simply not working--AT ALL!! The muscles are trying to move, but don't
seem to be able to put any real strength into it. Then, the bowels aren't
able to move anything that might get through to them either. I have my
stomach full to the bottome of my esophagus to the point that the esophagus
won't even close all the way. The acid from my stomach is continually
burning my esophagus causing the terrible heartburn even when I drink water.
My intestines and bowels are also full to capacity since they don't seem to
be able to get rid of what has been building up for the last month. The food
in my stomach has begun to rot causing the constant sour stomach. Now for
the bad stuff...... I am already on every thing the specialist said he could
offer by way of meds. The only thing I can do is double the amount of
propulsid I take, leaving me at risk of heart problems. I can't take some of
the other meds that we use upon occasion since they would react with the
dose of propulsid to cause serious damage. I have to stay on total liquids
for two weeks. I started the new dose of propulsid this afternoon. We are
supposed to see if it will clean me out or not. If not, the next option is
to insert a tube through the abdomin below the stomach and just feed me
liquids through there bypassing the stomach completely. This tube can be
moved deeper and deeper in the digestive tract as the problem worsens, but
it would mean never being able to eat again. If the propulsid does work, I
can start trying some mashed potatoes or oatmeal once or twice every couple
of days and see what happens. But, I will probably never be able to eat
meats or other things that are hard to digest. What a rosey future huh? And
I was just starting to figure that I would be able to get my diabetes under
control enough I could go off disability and maybe go back to work with the
pump doing as well as it was. Bummer!!! Sorry to dump during the
holidays--I'm just not celebrating much right now. Have a happy holiday
yourselves though. Season's Greetings!

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