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Re: [IP] 2 hour pp

should not be higher than 40 points from the start. He is usually WAY
>higher than that, but most of the time in range by 4 hours. <<snip>>Does 
>anyone else have 2 hour pp that close in range?

  Hi, I don't think you should worry (at least for now) if his numbers are 
back in range at 4 hours.  Humalog takes about 4 hours to get out of the 
system, and it works more slowly in some than in others. Most likely, if you 
tried to get the 2 hr pp in range, he might go low later. I know people who 
have this happen to them. Some people can be in range 2 hours after, for 
example, if I am not in range 2 hours after a meal, I correct. Humalog works 
fast for me; it doesn't work fast for others.  --Gianna
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