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[IP] raisin bran, temp basal and david

> Thanks so much. I'm going to try this tomorrow with my Raisin Bran.

good luck...and just remember that the carb ratio ALSO has a big play in
this two hour pp thing.

we played with that for a while prior to doing our temp basal.  it was when
the carb ratio was pretty solid and we were still seeing high numbers over
the next few hours...that we did this temp basal.

bagels are a killer for geneva.  we thought it was the peanut butter
(fat).....on it...but the bagel is it.  highly refined white flours.

it just seems that whenever geneva has any of these foods and we 'up' her
basal (temp basal) for the next three hours ...... we don't see the huge
spike.  it then evens down gradually.


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