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RE: [IP] temp basal and geneva


If you don't increase the basal rate does Geneva peak at 200 or somewhat
above? When you do increase the basal is she usually 140 or below at 2


> david,
> we found that those highly refined cereals,  flours,  breads,
>  bagels!!!
> were a terrible culprit for high BGs about 1 1/2 hours to 2
> hours after
> eating.
> by setting a temp basal on our MM  (because a square wave on
> MM freezes up
> the capacity to do a bolus,  in case geneva wants to eat
> something later on
> within the sq. wave time frame)
> so...we have experimented and when she eats these guilty foods...we
> automatically temp basal for 0.2  ( YMMV) ABOVE her normal
> basal for three
> hours.  this works really well for her.
> ruth

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