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RE: [IP] 2 hour pp


You increase the basal rate for high glycemic foods too? I was under the
impression that this only worked for high fat meals.  If it also works for
high glycemic meals then this is something I haven't tried and I need to
give it a shot.


> robin,
> SOMETIMES doable for geneva.  not often.
> the key is the carb ratio  not basals.  .   once the carb
> ratio is down
> pat...things will somewhat fall into place two hours later
> unless the food
> is high fat,  pizza,  the etc, etc, guilty foods that we all discuss.
> I find that we can be pretty close at 10:30 am.. because breakfast is
> consistent and we have geneva's carb ratio down   .... also
> we do a higher
> temp basal for three hours if she eats a high glycemic food.
> the 3 pm reading  (after lunch) is off and on..
> ruth

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