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Re: [IP] 2 hour pp

> Tell me something....The new endo has us checking Kevin at 2 hours pp and
> said he should not be higher than 40 points from the start. He is usually
> higher than that, but most of the time in range by 4 hours. Obviously for
> this to work, we will have to change all the basals to lower, and boluses
> higher. Does anyone else have 2 hour pp that close in range? Is it really
> do-able


SOMETIMES doable for geneva.  not often.

the key is the carb ratio  not basals.  .   once the carb ratio is down
pat...things will somewhat fall into place two hours later unless the food
is high fat,  pizza,  the etc, etc, guilty foods that we all discuss.

I find that we can be pretty close at 10:30 am.. because breakfast is
consistent and we have geneva's carb ratio down   .... also we do a higher
temp basal for three hours if she eats a high glycemic food.

the 3 pm reading  (after lunch) is off and on..


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