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[IP] Resend responses?

I had two responses come in (last night or maybe this morning) to my
"sending mail" address ( email @ redacted ) that the sender(s?) was only
indentified as email @ redacted .  For some reason they arrived in a
format that made them HUGE (96k as opposed to the 3 or 4k that most messages
here seem to be) & my archaic computer could not even open them.  I had to
get help from someone to get to a website & pull them up to try to read
them...even then I couldn't open them, so I had to to delete them
completely.  :(

I guess then I'm asking two things.  I don't know who sent the messages, or
what was in them...I'd like to!!  :)  If you've sent me any personal
responses over the past few days (or administrators, if these came from the
Central Headquarters), could you please try again...& check first to see if
there's anything that accidentally could be making them much larger than

My tired computer & I thank you!!

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