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[IP] Goo-Gone/Laura (was "unisolve help")

>You might want to try a product called goo-gone. It comes in a bottle and
>works great. My daughters dietitian has a pump and uses it and told us

We use Goo-Gone at our house for everything under the sun (it is THE BEST
for removing the sticky aftermath of price tag stickers & labels from
things!), but I'd have never thought to use it on me...thanks- I'll keep
that tip in mind if I run out of the stuff I do use!  :)

My pump-start kit came with a box of 100 PDI adhesive tape remover
pads...they are WONDERFUL!  They take off any tape residue or leftover
"sticky stuff" from bandaids, & since I'm one of those like Shane (sometimes
my sets stick entirely too well, & they don't want to let go of me), I've
also used them to wipe around the edges of a reluctant set...works
beautifully.  They are made by Professional Disposables, Inc., who can be
reached at 1-800-999-6423...item reorder # is B16400.  If you'd like to try
a few to see if they'd work for him, let me know where to send them to & I
can mail you a couple.


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