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[IP] Re: Pump it up & A1C

Sounds like you have a gift to me! Keep up the good work you are
doing! :)
My 9yo daughter (diagnosed 3yrs ago) had an A1C of *** 23% ***
(!!!) at diagnosis (they ran it twice because they thought the
first one had to be a mistake.) Her dr couldn't believe it and
said that 12-13% would be considered high, and that's what they
were expecting to see! :) I have yet to meet anyone at any age
who has had one that high (yours is the closest I've seen yet.)
I'm sure they are out there, but they are probably rare. I'm
happy to say that her latest A1C (pre-pump) a few weeks ago was

Ian said:
I went from a Hba1c of 6.4 to one
of 16.2 in January this year (Good grief, I felt the vacuum as
you all
gasped:) That as you can imagine is not one that I am
particularly proud of
although my doctor still can't believe I was standing..... at
110lbs then,
neither can I.
<some snipped>
I wish I had a gift......... I can do a
nice smiley 8->

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti (Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, mother of many children)
"The one who tells the stories rules the world." - Hopi proverb
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