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[IP] Today is 1 Year.

One year ago today at this moment, I was in the hospital with my husband, 
Anthony, and my daughter, Laura, in denial that Little Laura had diabetes.  
Our lives changed forever in a split second.

Last night, in honor of Laura's accomplishments during the past year, Santa 
visited her.  He wrote her a special letter telling her how proud he was of 
her and how he just had to make this special trip.  SHE WAS STUNNED!!! When 
I woke her up in the middle of the night to see Santa take out the gifts 
(including a Rufus bear) and put the letter under the tree I asked her why 
she thought he was there.  She replied "Maybe he needs the exercise".  She 
was very excited this morning when she opened her gifts but she got a little 
funny on us when we read her the letter and she heard why he had come.  I 
hope we did the right thing.  Maybe she doesn't want to be reminded of a 
year with diabetes.

Tonight we are suppose to go to the hospital Laura was in when she was dxed 
to bring gifts to the kids.  I hope she is up to it, otherwise Anthony and I 
will quickly go.  I'm very curious to see if she tells anyone that Santa 
came and why he came.  I guess as parents we can only try to do what we feel 
is right and we will all make mistakes.  Maybe next year we'll just let the 
day go by.  Thanks for listening.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano
Mother of Laura, age 6, dxed 12/21/98
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